Communities’ Integration, November 26, 2017

Communities’ Integration – Homeland, USA

Arlington Public Library

1015 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA

2:00-4:00pm | Sunday, November 26, 2017


Embracing American Ideals; Promoting and Protecting the American Dream

The meaningful contribution of groups and organizations to integrate immigrant and minority communities needs to be emphasized. Groups and organizations face a special challenge and a specific responsibility different from that of the State and their own individual missions.

INDUS-mobilizing people’s power has organized this session that will shed light on several integration issues of prime interest of Pakistani and other minority communities. The emphasis is on dialogue, being responsible citizens, following in the footsteps of other successful communities, and how Pakistani and other South Asian communities can secure their place as an integral part of American society while keeping alive their unique cultural identities This event will help identify challenges and opportunities for diverse ethnic cultures to strengthen American society.

During the interactive session participants can contribute their ideas and experiences for making the South Asian community’s presence a strong and vibrant societal element within its adopted homeland.


Participating Organizations:

Association of Physicians of Pakistani Decent of North American (APPNA),
American Pakistan Foundation,
Pakistani American Congress (PAC),
The Pakistani American Political Action Committee (PAKPAC)
N.E.D Alumni Association Washington DC
Wilson Center for International Scholars
SPEAKER: Dr. Marvin G. Weinbaum Director Middle East Institute
MODERATOR: Michael Kugelman Deputy Director South Asia Program Wilson Center
Riffat Chughtai: (Speaker) President of Pakistani American Political Action Committee
Silveth Khawaja (Speaker) Ambassador American Pakistan Foundation DC


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