INDUS Youth Leadership Initiative


INDUS-Mobilizing People’s Power is a Not for Profit IRS Tax Exempt Think Tank and research group
dedicated to democratic ideals, progressive, politically stable Pakistan and Strong US-Pak Relations.
The idea of INDUS has its roots in an in depth panel discussion that reviewed various fundamental
issues facing Pakistan during the NED 2012 International convention in Washington D.C.
In Pakistan, ethnic and religious conflict is common. Large segments of the population are disillusioned
with government, political institutions and democratic processes. Pakistani youth, which account for
nearly 60 percent of the population, are largely disenfranchised, Decades of state ambivalence on
critical issues of national vision and identity, fragile political leadership, social apathy and corruption
require a resolution to the identity crisis and restoration of rights of the individual within the national
consciousness as an imperative for direly needed social transformation. INDUS – Mobilizing People’s
Power was born out of these concerns and necessity of getting back to basics. We are focused on
policy discussions on matters critical to Pakistan, Youth Leadership development in Pakistan,
cultivating awareness for the rights of the individual and promoting minority communities integration in
homeland USA, protecting and enhancing the cherished American Dream.

The Challenge:

How to mobilize and consolidate Pakistan’s resources in its more than sixty percent young adults, to
evolve new, passionate and self-less political leadership that would have an impact on decades long
absence of policies based on national priorities, focus on nation building , economic and social justice
and state ambivalence on critical fundamental issues.
A recent United Nations Population Fund report makes the claim that out of 200 million people, 63
percent of Pakistan’s population comprises of youth. Of these, 58.5 million are 20-to-24-year olds while
69 million are aged below 15.

World Bank, economist Justin Yifu Lin explains that a youth bulge starts forming when infant mortality
has been reduced but mothers still have a high fertility rate. As a result, a large share of the population
is comprised of children and young adults.

“In a country with a youth bulge, as the young adults enter the working age, the country’s dependency
ratio — that is, the ratio of the non-working age population to the working age population — will
decline,” explains Lin. The economist argues that a youth bulge can either become a demographic
dividend or a ticking bomb, depending on how population is employed in productive activities.
“If the increase in the number of working age individuals can be fully employed in productive activities,
other things being equal, the level of average income per capita should increase. As a result the youth
bulge will become a demographic dividend.

“However, if a large cohort of young people cannot find employment and earn satisfactory income, the
youth bulge will become a demographic bomb, because a large mass of frustrated youth is likely to
become a potential source of social and political instability
Besides our focus on leadership, policy and governance issues, student / youth leadership is an
important part of our mission objectives and ongoing commitment to evolving passionate and
committed political leaders for a stronger and politically stable Pakistan. The current statistics pertaining
to the young adult population of Pakistan, about sixty percent under 21 years of age is a demographic
wind fall that Pakistan must harness in preparing young people for a brighter future along with capacity
to serve as leaders in whatever profession they choose or whichever community they are part of.
Through our Youth Leadership program we, propose to connect about two hundred community-minded
high school juniors and seniors to acquire skills and training that would groom them to be well rounded
individuals , ready and able to face the challenges of practicing their chosen career path. They’ will be
awarded paid summer internships with local nonprofit /charitable organizations such as Abdul Sattar
Edhi Foundation, Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, Ansar Burni Trust, Citizens Foundation etc.
Youth Trainees will also participate in INDUS and its partners sponsored Annual National youth
leadership summit in Karachi, The summit will highlight issues like building a more inclusive society
and pathways to leadership, national geopolitical landscape, inherited and current fundamental issues
that need attention of the policy research institutions, political leadership and decision makers.
INDUS youth development program emphasizes effective youth practices such as adult mentoring and
activities related to leadership, development, decision-making, citizenship, and community service.
Adult mentoring and leadership development opportunities such as community service and peercentered
activities during non-school hours are also an important program element. Following are the
highlights of INDUS Youth Leadership development initiative:
o Acquiring the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enable them to learn through social interaction,
team work & networking experience.
o Understand their individual strengths, future goals, and ability to act based on that
o Develop individual strengths, ethical values, self-image management, reasoning skills and
ability to make informed decisions.
o Demonstrate the ability to set goals and develop a plan.
o Acquire self-determination, advocacy and consensus building skills.
o Understand the importance of community participation, service to others in their community,
their country and the world
7 Monthly Workshops
During the three months of internship, a monthly day long workshops will be conducted on following
important topics. Each workshop attendance is mandatory. Each workshop attendee will be required to
follow the workbook provided and complete assignments indicated in the work book.
a. Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities/ Be A Pakistani First
Simple interpretation of constitution to explain rights and responsibilities of citizenship – United We
Stand: First a Pakistani
b. Rights of the Individual
Address Pakistani society’s urgent issue of a weak national bond, religious bigotry, radicalization and
identity crisis through practical and innovative grass roots approach. Project activities in this workshop
will focus on increased awareness, highlighting the fact that most society ills have their roots in lack
of respect for right of the individual.
Social, cultural, economic injustice cannot be eradicated without the society, leadership and the state
recognizing this fact.
c. Fundamental issues
1. Simple high level overview of Pakistan’s problems of society and polity,
2. Fault lines and asymmetry between political and non-political or unelected institutions.
3. Good Governance issues.
4. Need for re-drawing geopolitical order for equity in sharing national resources.
5. Need for land reform
6. Feudal-and dynasty dominated political order,
7. National Security Goals: Internal & external Threats.
8. Persistence of ideological controversies over the role of religion and faith


The proposed Youth Leadership Initiative is a three way partnership between:
1. Banking and Financial Institutions that understand the value of the initiative to Pakistani youth in
particular and the Pakistani nation in general. These institutions support the youth leadership
development initiative as a national priority, an opportunity to be a proud participant in national
development at the grass roots level.
2. Not for Profit charitable organizations that see the INDUS Youth Leadership Development
initiative as a natural extension of their dedication for service to the nation and fulfilling a vital
national priority.
3. “INDUS-Mobilizing People’s Power” realizing the initiation of one of its core mission objectives in
service to Pakistan.


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