INTRODUCTION INDUS-Mobilizing People’s Power is a Not for Profit IRS Tax Exempt Think Tank and research group dedicated to democratic ideals, progressive, politically stable Pakistan and Strong US-Pak Relations. The idea of INDUS has its roots in an in depth panel discussion that reviewed various fundamental issues facing Pakistan during the NED 2012 International convention

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For Saldi Isra, a college professor in West Sumatra, enough was enough when he saw that one of his local provincial representatives traded his ratty motor bike with a flashy sports car. In any case he was well aware of the rampant corruption and bribery – An after math of Indonesia’s push for transfer of sweeping power to local representatives

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“Root of all—really—all of Pakistan’s problems is the quality of those who run Pakistan”.

Granted! This has been fairly consistently true for Pakistan’s leadership, civilian or military throughout its six and a half decades of existence.

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