Case in Point: An Illuminating example of grass roots leadership

For Saldi Isra, a college professor in West Sumatra, enough was enough when he saw that one of his local provincial representatives traded his ratty motor bike with a flashy sports car. In any case he was well aware of the rampant corruption and bribery – An after math of Indonesia’s push for transfer of sweeping power to local representatives.

The professor did not loose much more sleep, contemplating on the issue. Instead he got together with a dozen colleagues and students and launched a probe of the local Government records, simply examining the cost of services delivered. Isra was not surprised to find that huge amounts were paid to the officials not representing a corresponding service to the public. Hundreds of students joined Isra’s protest and a dozen newspapers carried headlines detailing the public funds scandal.

Many months went by – After a period of controversy and debate, prosecutor finally filed charges.

Not knowing whether the judge and the prosecutors will even take the case seriously, the news that the court convicted 43 representatives, nearly the entire provincial legislature for misappropriations of public funds was no less than a modern day miracle.

Amidst masses of people adrift, lost and buried under bureaucracies created to “serve” but actually enslave private citizens can seek to assure adherence or adoption of the laws and regulations.

An example of how the diaspora of a nation can influence the affairs of the country is “The Awareness Committee” at St. Olaf College in North Minnesota that is a non-partisan organization committed to creating an increased awareness throughout the St. Olaf community in the areas of local, national and international political issues and increasing political efficacy among the student population.

Programs and activities sponsored by this committee focus on encouraging lively and informed political dialogue and debate.  are encouraged to become involved in PAC activities and attend PAC-sponsored speakers and events. Awareness empowers.


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