Core Focus

The INDUS team is convinced that individually every Pakistani is an example of resilience, self-reliance and drive for success. However, a collective lack of vision, direction, and leadership has earned the nation a dubious distinction. The INDUS team is optimistic. What gives us hope are countless Pakistani individuals who embody an institution in themselves. What gives us hope is the rising middle class and its victory over forces of reactionary feudal system in a few but promising instances. We believe Pakistan has all that it takes except passionate and selfless leadership at the center. The choice is ours to mobilize and make it happen. The alternative is to sit back, fixated on the drapes and décor of your house, while the roof continues to leak day after day. “Goshe mein qafas ke mujhe araam bahut hai.”

INDUS collaborates with and complements educational and social reform work in progress in Pakistan to evolve a common denominator on issues of significance, finding ways to work on a common vision, set of priorities, and to eliminate divisions based on religion, ethnicity, and social status. Our main focus shall remain on policy debates, research, and cultivating awareness at the grassroots level to evolve passionate leadership among the young Pakistanis, fully exploiting the power of connectivity and social media.

INDUS Initiatives

  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Policy discussions and analysis on matters critical to Pakistan
  • Cultivating awareness for the rights of the individual
  • Community Integration in the United States

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