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The INDUS team is convinced that individually every Pakistani is an example of resilience, self-reliance and drive for success. However collectively lack of vision, direction and leadership has earned the nation a dubious distinction. The INDUS team is optimistic. What gives us hope are countless Pakistani individuals who embody an institution in themselves. What gives us hope is the rising middle class and its victory over forces of reactionary feudal system in few but promising instances. We believe we have all that it takes except passionate and selfless leadership at the center. The choice is ours to mobilize and make it happen. Or just sit back fixated on drapes and décor of home sweet home while the roof continues to leak increasingly by the day.

“Goshe mein qafas ke mujhe araam bahut hai”

INDUS Board of Directors & Executive Charter Members


Following BOD Members were inducted as recommended by INDUS Charter Council consisting of founding charter members:

President: Mr. Athar Javaid

Vice President: Dr. Anwar Masood

Director of Projects: Mr. Shahid Mahmud

Director of Membership and Administration: Mr. Bilal Amin 

Director of Finance: Mr. Saad Mufti 

Director of Public Relations: Mr. Ali Asghar 

Regional Director Western USA: Mr. Ahmed Ali


Special Advisor: Mr. Shezad Habib  

Principal Consultant: Mr. Raza Ahmad  Rumi 

Consultant: Mr. David Silverman


INDUS Founding Charter Members

Ambassador Touqir Hussain
Dr. Ayesha Jalal
Dr. Hassan Abbas
Dr. Walter Andersen

Mr. Moeed Yusuf
Mr. Athar Javaid
Dr. Anwar Masood
Mr. Arif Sattar
Mr. Wamiq Hamid
Mr. Syed Kamal Mehdi
Dr. Asma Ali
Anwar Ansari
Dr. Ayoob Yousufi

Executive Members:
Mrs Beenish Hassan
Dr. Armina Masood

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